Basic Electrical MCQ #1

Basic Electrical MCQ

Basic Electrical MCQ 01 to 15

Basic Electrical MCQ

1) The filters are used to convert _______ signal into a _______ signal.
2) The heating element of electric iron is a combination of which metal,
3) 3-point starter is used to start in ______ motor?
4) In a balanced three-phase system, if one of the two wattmeter reading is -ve then the
5) The synchronous generator is also known as,
6) The product of RMS value of current and voltage is called as
7) The actual speed of induction motor is always _______ the synchronous speed,
8) The fusing current of a fuse is depending on
9) When an ac power is applied to a reactive load, then the system voltage is ____ degree out of phase with the current
10) The amount of flux density (D) produce in the core is dependent on
11) Gauss law is applicable for
12) The tube of tube light is filled with
13) A vector quantity has
14) The atomic number of silicon and germanium is
15) The semiconductors behave ______ at low temperature.
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Basic Electrical MCQ #1
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