Basic Electrical MCQ #11

Basic Electrical MCQ #11

Basic Electrical MCQ #11 (#131 to #140)

Basic Electrical MCQ #11

131) KCL is based on the conservation of ________ at a node.
132) “The total sum of all the branch currents in a parallel circuit must be exactly equal to the source current.” This statement is given by
133) An ________ can be defined as a line along which a free positive charge would travel if it is placed in an electric field.
134) The value of relative permittivity for air is assumed to be ________.
135) The rate of change of potential with distance is called ________.
136) The SI unit of electric dipole moment is ________.
137) SI unit of electric flux is ________.
138) Earthing switch is used for?
139) Which of the following is the least expensive protection for over current in low voltage system?
140) The energy radiated by Sun on a bright sunny day is approximately
Basic Electrical MCQ #11
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