Basic Electrical MCQ #12

Basic Electrical MCQ #12

Basic Electrical MCQ #12 (#141 to #150)

Basic Electrical MCQ #12.

Dear Readers, Welcome to Basic Electrical Engineering multiple choice questions and with answers.

(141) ________ is defined as the rate of change of charge with respect to time.
(142) The resistance is inversely proportional to ________.
(143) With the increase in temperature, the value of resistance ________.
(144) The value of resistivity depends on ________ of the material used as a conductor.
(145) The unit of conductance is ________.
(146) The unit of resistivity is ________.
(147) Electric tester tests metal bodies or conductors for presence of ________.
(148) The electrical force or pressure that causes the electrons to move in a particular direction is called as the ________.
(149) The meter used at our premises measure ________.
(150) The resistance of a thin conductor is ________ as compared to that of a thick conductor.
Basic Electrical MCQ #12
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