Basic Electrical MCQ #13

Basic Electrical MCQ #13

Basic Electrical MCQ #13 (#151 to #160)

Basic Electrical MCQ #13

151) The ________ of an AC quantity is defined as the value of that quantity at a particular instant of time.
152) The unit of angular velocity is ________.
153) The average value of ________ waveform is obtained for one complete cycle.
154) The form factor for a ________ waveform is 1.11
155) The polar form is suitable for ________ of phasors.
156) The value of peak factor for a sinusoidal waveform is ________.
157) The capacitive reactance is defined as the opposition offered by a pure capacitance to _______.
158) For an RL series circuit, the current ________ the applied voltage by ________ degree.
159) The power factor for a ________ circuit is leading.
160) For RC series circuit ________ lags behind ________ by an angle ф.
Basic Electrical MCQ #13
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