Basic Electrical MCQ #14

Basic Electrical MCQ #14

Basic Electrical MCQ #14 (#161 to #170)

Basic Electrical MCQ #14

161) _________ network is the network which has the characteristic or response does not depend on the direction of current through the various elements in it.
162) If the network element such as resistance, capacitance, inductance is not physically separable, then it is called as a _______ network.
163) If the network element can be separated physically from each other, then they are called as _______ network.
164) The power factor for a ________ circuit is leading.
165) If R=10 ohm and Z=20 ohm. Find L if f=50Hz.
166) In an RC series circuit, the phase angle between supply voltage and current is _______ degree.
167) The average power consumed by a pure capacitor is _______.
168) The power factor of RC series circuit is ________.
169) The power factor of RL series circuit is ________.
170) The fuse wire is made of
Basic Electrical MCQ #14
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