Basic Electrical MCQ #15

Basic Electrical MCQ #15

Basic Electrical MCQ #15 (#171 to #180)

Basic Electrical MCQ #15

171) Mobility is the ratio of ________.
172) The current is _________ proportional to _________, according to the ohm’s law?
173) Ohm’s law is not applicable for ________.
174) The ohm's law is ______, if the temperature is not constant.
175) Mass of Neutron is equal to the mass of _________?
176) The resultant resistance for series combination of R1, R2, R3 is _________.
177) The resultant resistance for parallel combination of R1, R2, R3 is _________.
178) The total resistance of the series combination of resistors is always ________ the individual resistance.
179) If four bulb B1, B2, B3, and B4 are connected in series. If one of the bulbs get damaged, then remaining bulbs ________.
180) Two bulbs marked 100W,250V and 200W,250V are connected in series to 250V supply. Power consumed in circuit is equal to
Basic Electrical MCQ #15
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