Basic Electrical MCQ #16

Basic Electrical MCQ #16

Basic Electrical MCQ #16 (#181 to #190)

Basic Electrical MCQ #16

181) Find voltage across R and L if a series circuit of R= 20 ohms and L = 20 mH and supply is 60 V with 100 Hs.
182) The product of RMS value of current and voltage is called as
183) Gauss law is applicable for
184) The amount of flux density (D) produce in the core is dependent on
185) The tube of tube light is filled with
186) The SI unit of power is?
187) The peak factor of alternating electric current is the ratio of
188) Reciprocal of the conductance is called
189) What is the load factor of a power plant?
190) What is a load factor?
Basic Electrical MCQ #16
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