Basic Electrical MCQ #17

Basic Electrical MCQ #17

Basic Electrical MCQ #17 (#191 to #200)

In this article, Basic Electrical engineering objective questions(MCQs) and answers for competitive exams. Basic Electrical MCQ #17

191) Kirchhoff’s Current law at a junction deal with conservation of
192) Kirchhoff’s voltage law deals with conservation of
193) One coulomb of charge is equal to
194) Dielectric material must be
195) Ratio of electric flux density to electric field intensity is called _______ of medium.
196) 1 volt/meter is same as
197) Magnetic force (H) and magnetic flux (B) are connected by relation
198) When the rate of change of current is unity, induced EMF is equal to
199) Total conductance of figure
200) Ampere hour is unit of __________.
Basic Electrical MCQ #17
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