Basic Electrical MCQ #18

Basic Electrical MCQ #18

Basic Electrical MCQ #18 (#201 to #210)

Basic Electrical MCQ #18

201) In AC circuits, the instantaneous power is calculated by taking the product of __________.
202) The average power in a purely resistive ac circuit is equal to the product of __________.
203) The resistance offered by a conductor to AC is greater than dc due to
204) Calculate the average power of a 100 ohm resistance is carrying a sinusoidal current given by 3 cosωt.
205) The effective resistance is given by __________.
206) The opposition of inductance to flow of alternating current is known as __________.
207) A pure inductor is equivalent to a __________ for direct current or voltage.
208) The inductive reactance XL depends directly on __________ of the voltage.
209) What is the unit of inductive susceptance?
210) The unit of capacitive reactance is __________.
Basic Electrical MCQ #18
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