Basic Electrical MCQ #2

Basic Electrical

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Basic Electrical MCQ #2 – (16 to 30)

Basic Electrical MCQ

16) The form factor of an AC current is the ratio of
17) What is a load factor?
18) The fuse wire is made of
19) If the current changes from 6A to 3A in 2 seconds and the inductance is 20H, calculate the emf.
20) The SI unit of power is?
21) What is the load factor of a power plant?
22) The peak factor of alternating electric current is the ratio of
23) Reciprocal of the conductance is called
24) The temperature coefficient of resistance of an insulator is
25) Out of the following, which one is not a source of electrical energy?
26) Power factor of direct current is
27) The dielectric material used in variable capacitor is generally
28) What is a load curve?
29) Which among the following is a unit for resistivity?
30) The wire wound resistor are formed by the winding wire of
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Basic Electrical MCQ #2
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