Basic Electrical MCQ #20

Basic Electrical McQ #20

Basic Electrical MCQ #20 (#221 to #230)

Basic Electrical MCQ #20

221) An alternating (AC) quantity (voltage, current, or power) is defined as the one which changes its __________ as well as __________ with respect to time.
222) The __________ shape of AC waveform is the most preferred waveform of all, even though an AC waveform can take any shape.
223) The operation of an alternator is based on the principle of __________.
224) The __________ of an AC quantity is defined as the value of that quantity at a particular instant of time.
225) Time period T is equal to the time corresponding to __________.
226) The time is taken in second by the waveform of an AC quantity to complete one cycle is defined as __________.
227) The maximum value of an ac quantity is known as its __________.
228) __________ is the units of angular velocity.
229) Peak to peak values is most often used when measuring the magnitude of the __________.
230) The AC voltmeter or ammeter indicates the __________ value.
Basic Electrical MCQ #20
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