Basic Electrical MCQ #22

Basic Electrical MCQ #22

Basic Electrical MCQ #22 (#241 to #260)

Basic Electrical MCQ #22

241) Time period T= Time corresponding to __________.
242) Each repetition consisting of one positive and one identical negative part is called as __________ of the waveform.
243) __________ defined as the time taken in second by the waveform of an ac quantity to complete one cycle.
244) The frequency of an ac mains voltage is __________.
245) The __________ is also called as amplitude.
246) The units of angular velocity is __________.
247) The __________ value of a waveform is also called as its effective value.
248) The value of form factor for a sinusoidal waveform is __________.
249) Form factor is always __________.
250) The peak factor is also known as the __________ factor.
251) The value of peak for a sinusoidal waveform is __________.
252) A sinusoidal current has peak factor 1.4 and form factor 1.1. Its average value is 20A.Then its RMS value is __________ A and peak value is __________ A.
253) A phasor rotates in the __________ direction.
254) One rotation of a phasor corresponds to __________ of the ac waveform.
255) The phase angle can take any value between __________ and __________.
256) If the phase angle ф is positive than the phase difference is said to a __________ phase difference.
257) In the polar representation of an AC quantity “I” represents the __________ value of the ac quantity.
258) The polar form is suitable for __________ of phasors.
259) An alternating current is given by i=14.14sin377t. Its time period is __________.
260) The average value of a sinusoidal waveform is _________.
Basic Electrical MCQ #22
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