Basic Electrical MCQ #3

Basic Electrical MCQ

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Basic Electrical MCQ #3 (31 to 45)

Basic Electrical MCQ

31) Unit of luminous intensity is ________.
32) _______ is the active component.
33) Which of the below material has negative temperature coefficient.
34) Permittivity of free space is equal to
35) Zenner diode is used as
36) A resistance has 47-ohm resistance with ±5% tolerance. Color code for this resistance is
37) Which type of motor used in portable drilling machine?
38) Calculate the synchronous speed of 3 phase, 4 poles, 50 Hz IM
39) Two-wattmeter method of power measurement id used for
40) Which gate is known as a universal gate?
41) There is a ______ between two nodes of signal flow graph
42) The base of BJT is
43) Ward-Leonard system is used for
44) Which rule is used to find the direction of current in the conductor in case of a generator?
45) RMS value = _____ Maximum value
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Basic Electrical MCQ #3
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