Basic Electrical MCQ #4

Basic Electrical MCQ

Basic Electrical MCQ #4 (46 to 60)

Basic Electrical MCQ

(46) _______ law is used for obtaining the value of the magneto motive force around a long solenoid.
(47) The unit of soil resistivity is _______.
(48) ______use to measure the strength of an electric dipole.
(49) Electric flux is _______ quantity.
(50) A fuse has______ characteristics.
(51) The value of cut off current depends upon
(52) ______ time is known as the time between the commencement of fault and the instant when cut off occurs.
(53) The pre-arcing time of the fuse is generally_______.
(54) Which of the following is preferred for filling around the earth electrode for effective earthing?
(55) The voltage fluctuation at consumer premises can be ______ as per IE rule.
(56) What is the color of neutral wire?
(57) A staircase point is operated with two
(58) The electric breakdown strength depends on _______.
(59) Carbon resistor contains_______.
(60) In cathode vacuum tube, which of the following material is used?
Basic Electrical MCQ #4
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