Basic Electrical MCQ #5

Basic Electrical MCQ #5 (Question 61 to 75)

Basic Electrical MCQ #5

61) The rate of change of charge with respect to time is called as ______.
62) The property of material to oppose the flow of current is called _______.
63) The SI unit of electromotive force is ______.
64) The resistance of material depends upon which of the following ______.
65) The current density is the ratio of ______.
66) An electric current is a ______ quantity.
67) Inside a conductor/conducting material, the movement of electrons is known as ______.
68) Conductance: mho: ____________?
69) The number of electrons in the outermost orbit of carbon atom is___________?
70) Electric current passing through the circuit produces_____________.
71) Ohm’s law is not applicable to__________.
72) Which of the following is a secondary cell?
73) Unit of reluctance
74) The number of a cycle per second is called
75) Buchholz relay is a device used with
Basic Electrical MCQ #5
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