Basic Electrical MCQ #7

Basic Electrical MCQ #7

Basic Electrical MCQ from 86 to 100

Solve Basic Electrical MCQ and read tech article about Light Emitting Diode.

86) A fuse has ______ characteristics.
87) A fuse protects the machines and equipment from damage due to _____
88) RVDT stand for _____
89) Pressure is defined as ______
90) What is the SI unit of pressure?
91) Which of the following is practical unit of heat?
92) Force is equal to
93) Arrange the following in increasing order
94) Which of the following has highest forbidden energy gap?
95) Why silicon is preferred for manufacturing Zener diode?
96) Tunnel diode is made by _____ semiconductor.
97) Schottky diode is ______
98) Light emitting diode produced light in ______
99) The power diodes are generally made up of ______.
100) The avalanche breakdown in a semiconductor occurs when _____
Basic Electrical MCQ #7
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