Basic Electrical MCQ #8

Basic Electrical MCQ #8

Basic Electrical MCQ #8 (101 to 110)

These objective type Basic Electrical MCQ are very important for campus placement test, semester exams, job interviews and competitive exams

101) The direction of flow of conventional current is always _______?
102) The current density is the ratio of _______?
103) 1 ampere is equal to one by _______ of emu of current?
104) Drift velocity is defined as the velocity with which free electrons get drifted towards the _______ terminal under the effect of the applied electric field.
105) Mobility is the ratio of the _______.
106) According to Ohm’s law, the characteristic of V-I is?
107) Kirchhoff’s voltage law is states that the
108) KCL is state that, at any instant of time,
109) when 1A current flows through a wire for 1 sec, the electric charge carried through the conductor is equal to one _______.
110) Farad / m is the unit of _______.
Basic Electrical MCQ #8
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