Electrical Machine MCQ – DC Machine #1

Electrical Machine MCQ

Electrical Machine MCQ #1  01 to 15 (DC Machine QUIZ)

1) In a D.C. generator, the ripples in the direct EMF generated are reduced by using
2) In a d.c. machine, the form of armature reaction mmf is
3) A 120 V shunt generator running at 850 rpm has its armature and shunt field resistance of 0.15 ohm and 60 ohms respectively. It supplies 250 lamps each rated at 60 W, 120 V. The friction and windage and core loss of the machine is 400 W. its armature copper loss on full load and shunt field loss is
4) A machine operating as motor, this machine may works in regenerative braking mode, if its speed becomes sufficiently
5) The torque constant (Km), of a permanent magnet DC motor is 0.25 V sec / radian and armature resistance is 2 ohms. If the applied armature voltage is 90 V, then its zero-speed torque is
6) A shunt generator can self-excite
7) D.C. generator generally preferred for charging automobile batteries is
8) If the no load speed of DC motor is 1350 rpm and full load speed is 1150 rpm, then its voltage regulation is
9) A 220 V, DC motor draws an armature current of 20 A. Its armature resistance is 0.6 ohm. Then the induced emf in the motor will be
10) In DC machines, equalizer connections are provided in
11) A 240 V, 17 kW DC shunt motor draws an armature current of 80 A at full load. The armature and shunt field resistances are 0.2 ohm and 195 ohms respectively. The rotational losses and efficiency of motor at full load is
12) A 4 pole DC shunt generator having a wave winding supplies 45 lamps, each of 50 W at 100 V. The armature and field resistance are 0.15 ohm and 50 ohms respectively. The current in armature conductor is
13) Which of the following rule is used to determine the direction of rotation of D.C motor?
14) D.C. generators are normally designed for maximum efficiency around
15) For the parallel operation of two or more D.C. compound generators, we should ensure that
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Electrical Machine MCQ - DC Machine #1
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