Electrical Machine MCQ – DC Machine #6

Electrical Machine MCQ #6

Electrical Machine MCQ – DC Machine #6 (#61 to #75)

DC Machine MCQ #6

61) ________ provides a low reluctance path to the flux produced by the field winding.
62) ________ are used for the armature core.
63) The laminated construction is used to produce the armature core to minimize the ________.
64) ________ is connected to external circuit (load) through the commutator and brushes.
65) Armature winding should be made up of a conducting material such as ________.
66) A ________ is a cylindrical drum mounted on the shaft along with the armature core.
67) Commutator is made up of a large number of wedge-shaped segments of ________.
68) ________ collects the current from the armature conductors.
69) For DC motors, commutator helps to produce a ________ torque.
70) Current is conduced from the armature to the external load by the ________.
71) Brushes are made up of ________.
72) The ________ winding is classified into lap and wave winding.
73) For ________ winding the number of parallel paths is exactly equal to the number of poles P.
74) The lap winding is useful for ________ machines.
75) ________ winding will create only two parallel paths irrespective of the number of poles.
Electrical Machine MCQ - DC Machine #6
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