Electrical Machine MCQ – DC Machine #8

DC Machine MCQ #8

Electrical Machine MCQ – DC Machine #8 (#86 to #100)

DC Machine MCQ #8

86) Shunt, series and compound generators are the types of ________.
87) The voltage drop across the brushes is constant and equal to ________.
88) ________ losses include friction and windage loss.
89) The external load is connected between the ________ winding whereas the ________ winding is connected to an external DC supply.
90) In the separately excited generator, the ________ winding is connected to the external DC source.
91) Due to the separate excitation, the ________ will remain constant.
92) Magnetization characteristics is the graph of ________ and _______.
93) ________ characteristic is also known as the open circuit characteristics OCC.
94) ________ characteristic of DC generator is a graph of its terminal voltage and load current.
95) ________ characteristic is the graph of generated emf E and the load current.
96) If the shunt field winding is more effective then the characteristics of compound motors are closer to those of a ________.
97) ________ motors run at moderately high speed even at no loads.
98) The ________ motors are not practically used.
99) For any load which need high starting torque, ________ motor is the only suitable drive.
100) DC shunt motors are used in ________.
Electrical Machine MCQ – DC Machine #8
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