Electrical Machine MCQ – DC Machine #9

DC Machine MCQ #9

Electrical Machine MCQ – DC Machine #9 (#101 to #110)

DC Machine MCQ #9. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Answers on DC Machines, Objective questions and answers on DC machines

101) The number of brushes in lap winding are always __________ the number of poles.
102) A generator has 4 poles, 16 coils with two layer of lap winding. Find the pole pitch.
103) The actual flux distortion depends upon __________, in a DC machine.
104) The dummy coil in a DC machine are useful to
105) The commutator pitch for simplex lap winding is
106) Which type of the DC generator is used as an exciter in turbo generator?
107) Which of the following DC generator has rising VI characteristic.
108) Which type of DC generator is used for arc welding purpose?
109) In a DC motor, the shaft torque is less than armature torque because of
110) Ward Leonard control is basically a __________ control method.
Electrical Machine MCQ – DC Machine #9
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