Electrical Machine MCQ: Induction Motor #2

Electrical Machine MCQ_ Induction Motor

Induction Motor MCQ #2 (21 to 30)

In this article, induction motor MCQ or objective questions and answers are given. If you want to read articles on Induction motor, click here. Three Phase Induction Motor: Construction and Classification

21) The speed control of single-phase induction motor is done by _______
22) Why Interpoles or commutating poles are provided in ac series motors?
23) In ac series motor the mechanical power developed is the product of ______
24) The maximum torque developed in an induction motor is called
25) The total magnetizing current of induction motor is ____as compared to transformer.
26) In induction motor the rotor core losses are high at
27) Which of the following loss is vary with rotor frequency?
28) The purpose of starter used in induction motor are to reduce
29) The efficiency of the motors can be found by performing
30) Which test performed to separate the friction and windage losses?
Electrical Machine MCQ: Induction Motor #2
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