Electrical Machine MCQ: Induction Motor #3

Induction Motor MCQ

Electrical Machine MCQ: Induction Motor #3 (41 to 55)

Induction Motor MCQ

31) Which of the following motor is not self start motors?
32) In single phase induction motors
33) Under stationary condition of single phase motor the slip is
34) The rotor of three phase motor is built up of
35) Why the rotor of squirrel cage rotor is skewing?
36) In wound rotor the open ends of star circuit are connected to
37) The slip rings are mounted on the shaft with
38) Three phase motor the windings are displaced by
39) The difference between the synchronous speed and the actual rotor speed is called
40) In induction generator the slip is
41) The output of the induction generator is maximum when the slip is
42) If the alignment torque is greater than accelerating torque motor will
43) In wound rotor motors the cogging and crawling is less prominent because
44) In autotransformer starter the starting current is limited to reduce the
45) The friction and windage losses can be separated from
Electrical Machine MCQ: Induction Motor #3
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