Electrical Machine MCQ: Induction Motor #6

Electrical Machine MCQ

Electrical Machine MCQ: Induction Motor #6 (#66 to #75)

Induction Motor MCQ #6

66) Why Inter poles or commutating poles are provided in all ac series motors?
67) A capacitor starts single phase induction motor the capacitor is connected in
68) What is the value of slip when rotor is blocked?
69) The main winding of single-phase induction motor is of ________.
70) Why the rotor of squirrel cage rotor is skewing?
71) Linear induction motor is used in
72) If an induction motor hums during starting up, the possible cause could be
73) The no-load current of a single-phase induction motor is around ________ % of the full load current.
74) When the induction motor runs faster than the synchronous speed, the induction motor runs as
75) In a slip ring induction motor, the rotor resistance is _____ starting and _____ normal operating speed.
Electrical Machine MCQ: Induction Motor #6
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