Electrical Machine MCQ: Transformer #10

Electrical Machine MCQ Transformer #10 (#121 to #130)

Electrical Machine MCQ: Transformer #10 (#121 to #130)

Transformer MCQ #10

121) In a transformer, which of the following does not change?
122) The path of magnetic flux in a transformer should have
123) The dielectric strength of transformer oil is expected to be
124) In a transformer, no-load current (I0)
125) Which of the following is not a part of the transformer installation?
126) A transformer cannot raise or lower the voltage of a DC supply because
127) Efficiency of a power transformer is of the order of
128) In the transformer, the function of a conservator is to
129) Power transformers are designed to have maximum efficiency at
130) The maximum efficiency of a distribution transformer is at
Electrical Machine MCQ: Transformer #10
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