Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer #2

Electrical Machine MCQ Transformer

Electrical Machine MCQ : Transformer #2 16 to 30

Transformer MCQ #2

16) Transformer is a ___________ device.
17) In a transformer, leakage flux depends upon
18) Which of the following test is used for checking noise level in a transformer
19) Which of the following particle is/are undesirable for the transformer oil?
20) If the supply frequency of the transformer is increased, the iron loss will
21) Generally, tapping in a transformer is provides on
22) Condition for satisfactory parallel operation of transformer is
23) Current Transformer is used for measuring
24) Potential Transformer are used to measuring
25) Minimum standard specific resistance of transformer oil at 90 degree C is
26) The EMF induced in the second winding is according to
27) A transformer that increases voltage between the primary to secondary windings is defined as a
28) The purpose of the transformer core is to provide a
29) When the transformer is switched on, the current that initially passes through it is known as the transformer
30) The transformers are capable of either increasing or decreasing the level of
Electrical Machine MCQ - Transformer #2
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