Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer #6

Transformer MCQ

Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer #6 (#76 to #85)

Transformer MCQ #6

76) The ________ is a static device which is used to transfer electrical energy from one AC circuit to another AC circuit.
77) For a transformer, the frequency of secondary voltage is ________ that of the primary voltage.
78) A transformer operates on the principle of ________.
79) Transformer consists of two highly inductive coils (windings) wound on an ________ core.
80) A transformer cannot operate on ________.
81) If DC is supplied to the primary winding then there is a possibility of transformer ________.
82) The material used for the construction of the transformer core is ________.
83) The ________ is in the form of stacks of laminated thin steel sheets.
84) ________ cross-section windings are generally preferred for transformer limbs.
85) In order to avoid ________, the primary and secondary winding are mounted on the same limb of the core.
Electrical Machine MCQ - Transformer #6
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