Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer #7

Electrical Machine MCQ #7 Transformer losses (#86 to #100)

Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer Losses #7

This set of MCQ focus on the topic of Transformer Losses.

86) The total loss in a transformer is the sum of ________ loss and ________ loss.
87) The ________ loss is further classified into hysteresis loss and eddy current loss.
88) The ________ loss is called as variable loss.
89) The total power loss taking place in the winding resistance of a transformer is known as the ________ loss.
90) The ________ loss is independent of frequency.
91) The hysteresis loss is a part of ________.
92) The ________ loss is independent of current.
93) The ________ loss is taking place in the core of the transformer.
94) The ________ is known as constant loss
95) The ________ loss is also called as the core loss.
96) If the copper loss at full load is 200W then that at the half load will be ________ watt.
97) In a practical transformer, the no load primary current has to supply the ________ and _______ losses.
98) For a practical transformer, there is small ________ loss takes place at the no load condition.
99) When a practical transformer is on no load, the ________ loss is zero.
100) The hysteresis loss is proportional to ________.
Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer #7
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