Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer #8

Transformer MCQ #8

Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer #8 (#101 to #110)

Transformer MCQ #8

101) In transformer, primary and secondary EMF are always
102) The voltage transformation ratio of transformer is a ratio of
103) In ordinary two winding transformer, the Primary and Secondary windings are always having
104) In relation to transformer, transformation ratio is 20:1. It indicates that
105) Transformers are rated in kVA instead of kW because
106) A transformer has negative voltage regulation when its load power factor is
107) Why open circuit test is performed on low voltage winding of transformer is that it
108) The No-load of transformer is performed to determine ________.
109) The open circuit test of transformer is performed to determine ________.
110) Why iron loss of transformer is negligible during short circuit test of transformer _______.
Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer #8
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