Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer #9

Transformer MCQ #9

Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer #9 (#111 to #120)

Transformer MCQ #9

111) The purpose of a breather in a transformer is to
112) Which winding of the transformer has a more cross-sectional area?
113) In a transformer, which winding has less cross-sectional area?
114) Which test is conducted in a transformer to determine temperature?
115) Two winding of transformers are connected through
116) Why tap changer is used in a transformer?
117) The rating of transformer __________ when the supply frequency increased.
118) The winding used in shell type three phase transformer is __________.
119) Two transformers operating in parallel will share the load depending upon them
120) If a 500 KVA, 200Hz transformer is operated at 50Hz, its KVA rating will be
Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer #9
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