Electrical Machine MCQ: Transformers #3

Electrical Machine- Transformer MCQ

Electrical Machine MCQ: Transformer  #3A (31 to 40)

This is third set of Transformers mcq with Answers. I request you to first prepare theory and than try to solve transformers MCQ given in below page.

31) The winding used in shell type three phase transformer is ________.
32) Harmonics in transformer result in
33) A distribution transformer is selected on the basis of
34) Which chemical is used in the breather of transformer?
35) Two transformers operating in parallel will share the load depending upon them
36) The no load test is conduct in transformer to find?
37) Auto transformer can do the following
38) The rating of transformer ________ when the supply frequency increased.
39) Which test is conduct in transformer to determine temperature?
40) If a 500 KVA, 200Hz transformer is operated at 50Hz, its KVA rating will be
Electrical Machine: Transformer #3 -A
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Electrical Machine MCQ: Transformer #3B (41 to 50)

41) Which winding of the transformer has more cross-sectional area?
42) Two winding of transformers are connected by means of
43) The noise resulting from vibration of lamination set by magnetic forces in transformer is termed as,
44) Why tap changer is used in transformer?
45) The open circuit test is conduct in transformer to find?
46) The power is transferred in auto transformer through ______.
47) The purpose in breather in a transformer is to
48) The rated secondary voltage of 220V for a transformer means the terminal voltage of 220V at which condition?
49) What is the use of auto-transformer?
50) Which of the following loss is not present in the transformer?
Electrical Machine: Transformer #3 -B
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