Electrical Machine MCQ – Transformer #1

Transformer QUIZ

Electrical Machine: Transformer MCQ #1 01 to 15

Transformer MCQ

1) The high leakage impedance transformers are suitable for the applications of
2) For the parallel operation of transformers, the PU impedances of the transformer must be (based on their own kVA rating)
3) Which test is also called as back to back test?
4) For maximum efficiency in a transformer
5) For an ideal transformer winding resistances and leakage flux should be
6) In which transformer, the tertiary winding is used?
7) Zero sequence current can flow from a line into a transformer bank if the winding is
8) The harmonic currents in a power transformer does not cause increase in
9) The magnetic current in a transformer is rich in
10) The basic function of transformer is to change
11) the efficiency of power transformer is around
12) The number of bushings in a transformer can be reduced if the tapping is provided ______.
13) Distribution transformer have core losses is
14) Which part of the transformer is subjected to maximum heating?
15) A buchholz relay is used for the protection of the transformer against
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