Electrical Power System MCQ: Distribution #1


The power system network divides into three parts: Generation, Transmission, Distribution. The Power distribution is the last stage of the power system network. In this post, you will find the distribution power system mcq.

Electrical Power System MCQ: Distribution #1 (#1 to #10)

1) A _________ distribution system is more reliable than the ______ distribution system.
2) __________ cable used to connect the distributor to the consumer terminals.
3) It is required to use the _______ for the discrete power tapping, while designing the distribution sub stations by the designer.
4) Which of the following items shares the major cost in a distribution system?
5) The maximum voltage between the outer wires and earth is ______________, for the single phase 2-wire system.
6) Which type of distribution is preferred in residential areas?
7) The maximum voltage at the midpoint will be ________, for the given distribution system.
8) What are boosters?
9) Which component connects the substation to the area where power is to be distributed?
10) What is the permissible limit of voltage variations allowed in the distribution systems?
Electrical Power System MCQ: Distribution #1-A
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