Electrical Power System MCQ: Distribution #5

Power System Distribution MCQ

Electrical Power System MCQ: Distribution #5 (#41 to #50)

Power System Distribution MCQ

41) Which is the cheapest bus-bar schemes in the power system?
42) 11 kV Transmission voltage is used to transmit power up to __________ km.
43) In the distribution system, which of the following scheme is more reliable?
44) For voltage beyond __________, pin type insulators are not used.
45) The isolators can disconnect from the circuit when __________?
46) For regulating the voltage in the distribution feeder, which of the following equipment will be most economical?
47) Due to __________, conductors carry more current on the surface compared to the core.
48) In the case of generators, the frequency of the generated voltage can be increased by __________.
49) In RCC poles, the span between two poles are __________.
50) Beyond __________ voltage, the underground system cannot be operated.
Electrical Power System MCQ: Distribution #5
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