Electrical Power System MCQ: Generation #2

Electrical Power System MCQ

These objective type Electrical Power System MCQ for “Power Generation” are very important for campus placement test, semester exams, job interviews.

Electrical Power System MCQ: Generation #2

16) A fire tube boiler contains
17) A Francis turbines can be constructed in ______
18) The nuclear power plants always operated on
19) In nuclear power plants, efficiency is
20) The selection and size of the boiler is depends upon the
21) The boiler furnace wall is made up of _______.
22) Which of the following factors to be considered while selection of nuclear power plants?
23) During high flow periods, Run-off River power plants may be use for ______.
24) An impulse turbine
25) In interconnected grid system, the connection of several generating stations in _______.
Electrical Power System MCQ: Generation #2
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