Electrical Power System MCQ: Generation #3

Electrical Power System MCQ

Electrical Power System MCQ: Generation #3

These objective type Electrical Power System MCQ for “Power Generation” are very important for campus placement test, semester exams, job interviews.

26) A _______ is generally used as peak load stations.
27) A surge tank is not required in _______.
28) The active radiations are of _______.
29) In propeller turbine, runner blades of the axial flow turbine are _______.
30) The generator used for high head power plants are _______ speed and _______ diameter.
31) Which of the following is impulse turbine?
32) The overall efficiency of nuclear power plants is about _______.
33) Pelton wheel turbine is/are
34) The efficiency of Francis turbine is about _______.
35) In present day, why need of nuclear power plants arises?
Electrical Power System MCQ: Generation #3
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