Electrical Power System MCQ: Generation #4

Electrical Power System MCQ Generation

Electrical Power System MCQ: Generation #4 (#35 to #45)

Generation MCQ

36) In thermal reactor the fission is caused by
37) In Boiling Water Reactor, the ordinary water is used as _________.
38) Which of the following is more effective for coolant?
39) Which one of the following is the function of reflector in nuclear reactor?
40) In nuclear reactors, thermal shielding is necessary to protection from
41) During high flow periods, Run-off River power plants may be used for
42) Hydroelectric power stations are usually located in
43) The boiler furnace wall is made up of ________.
44) The refractory materials ________ is used.
45) The refractory material has the properties of
Electrical Power System MCQ: Generation #4
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