Electrical Power System MCQ: Generation #8

Electrical Power System MCQ_ Generation #8

Electrical Power System MCQ: Generation #8 (#76 to #85)

Power System MCQ: Power Generation MCQ #8

76) A fire-tube boiler contains
77) The selection and size of the boiler depends upon the
78) The boiler furnace wall is made up of __________.
79) Which of the following factors to be considered while a selection of nuclear power plants?
80) During high flow periods, Run-off River power plants used for __________.
81) In the interconnected grid system, the generating stations are connected in __________.
82) A __________ is generally used as peak load stations.
83) A surge tank is not required in __________.
84) The generator used for high head power plants is __________ speed and __________ diameter.
85) In the present day, why the need for nuclear power plants arises?
Electrical Power System MCQ: Generation #8
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