Electricity Theft

Electricity Theft

Electricity theft is a crime all over the world. All developing countries are having this problem and utilities are paying a heavy loss due to the theft of electricity.

But nowadays, due to laws and regulations, electricity theft is decreased compared to the previous decade. This is possible by using advanced technology and methods to improve the system distribution network.

Electricity theft is considered a type of loss of electricity and these losses are called non-technical losses. According to research conducted by a northeast group, these non-technical losses occur around $96 billion globally.

This amount of electricity theft is considered under distribution loss and that will hike the price of per unit charge who pays the electricity bill. This loss is undesirable in most populated countries like India.

According to research conducted by Northeast Group for the annual Emerging Markets Smart Grid: Outlook 2015, the highest loss occurred in India. This loss is $16.2 billion and it is the highest loss all over the world. Second is Brazil with $10.5 billion and next is Russia with $5.1 billion.

President of Northeast Group Ben Gardner stated: “India loses more money to theft than any other country in the world. The state of Maharashtra—which includes Mumbai—alone loses $2.8 billion per year, more than all but eight countries in the world. Nationally, total transmission and distribution losses approach 23% and some states’ losses exceed 50%.” (These all details are collected from the source- WIKI).

Major Causes of Electricity Theft

The major causes of theft is as listed below;

  • Absence of accountability.
  • Inadequate and ineffective enforcement of the law.
  • Political protection to employees and influential customers.

Types of Electricity Theft

Electricity theft can not be zero, but we can reduce with the help of technology and advancement of measuring equipment of utility. There are several types of electricity theft occurs in the power system. Some of them are listed as below.

Cable Hooking from Home

In slum and agricultural areas, this type of theft is the most common type of electricity theft. The cable directly connected with the input terminal of house wiring and whatever energy they are using that energy remains unmeasured.

Bypass Energy Meter

The input terminal and output terminal of the energy meter is bridged. And it prevents the energy from registering in the energy meter.

Manipulate Energy meter by using an external circuit

The energy meters are manipulated with the help of a foreign element or external circuit inside the energy meter. And hence the meter slowed down at any time.

Physical Obstruction

The old energy meters are an electromagnetic type of energy meter. In this type of energy meter, there is a chance of physical tampering with the left of the magnet. And it will obstruct the free movement of the rotating disc.

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