Electromagnetic Field MCQ #1

Electromagnetic Field MCQ #1

Electromagnetic Field MCQ #1 (#1 to #10)

Electromagnetic Field MCQ #1

1) In spherical coordinates the scalar factors are
2) The equation of the electric field intensity is __________, for two parallel plates are separated by a distance D and charges by voltage V.
3) To determine the direction of induced EMF, the right-hand rule was introduced by
4) Whenever the magnetic flux changes concerning an electric conductor, an EMF is induced in the conductor is defined by the Faraday’s __________.
5) __________ is an EMF when a conductor is static and the field is varying then emf will be induced.
6) Inside a hollow conducting sphere, the electric field is
7) Electric field intensity (E) at any point in an electric field is equal to
8) This statement is true or false. “The divergence of the curl of a vector is zero.”
9) This statement is true or false. “The curl of the gradient of a vector is non-zero.”
10) The force between them is __________ when two straight parallel conductors carry equal currents in the opposite direction.
Electromagnetic Field MCQ-1
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