Electromagnetic Field MCQ #2

Electromagnetic Field MCQ #2

Electromagnetic Field MCQ #2 (#11 to #20)

Electromagnetic Field MCQ #2

11) The change of the cross-sectional area of a conductor in the magnetic field will affect the
12) Biot-Savarts law states the relation between magnetic intensity and __________ only.
13) The volume of in Cartesian coordinate system is
14) This statement is true or false. “The scalar factor of the Cartesian system is unity.”
15) According to Coulomb’s law, the force of attraction or repulsion between electrical charges is __________ the distance between them.
16) The electric field should be imagined to be divided into tubes of force containing a fixed number of line of force is suggested by
17) The lines of force due to charged particles are
18) The ability of charged bodies to exert force on one another is attributed to the existence of _________.
19) A point charge in space is attracted to a dielectric material because of the
20) Coulombs law for the force between electric charges mostly resembles with
Electromagnetic Field MCQ #2
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