Electromagnetic Field MCQ #3

Electromagnetic Field MCQ #3

Electromagnetic Field MCQ #3 (#21 to #30)

Electromagnetic Field MCQ #3

21) __________ is a unit of electric flux density.
22) In an electric field, the number of Faraday tubes of flux passing through a surface is called
23) In an electric field, the electric intensity at any point is equal to the ___________ at that point.
24) 1 Tesla is equal to
25) To reduce the residual magnetism to zero, the magnetic field required is called
26) The magnetism left in the iron after the exciting field has been removed is known as
27) Behind the applied magnetizing force, the lagging of flux density is known as
28) Which of the following is not a unit of flux?
29) When the current through the coil changes is known as __________, the property of the coil by which a counter emf is induced.
30) Between two magnetically coupled coils, mutual inductance depends on
Electromagnetic Field MCQ #3
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