Load Dispatch Center – LDC

Load Dispatch Center (LDC)

In the interconnected power system, all the generating stations connected in parallel with the help of the tie lines. It is the most important and necessary to coordinate these generators for the best economical operation. The load dispatch center is an organization that coordinates all power stations. The LDC is a link between different parts of the system.

It used to coordinate, planning, control, and monitoring the power demand and generation. The LDC links generation, transmission, and distribution which coordinate the power requirements of the electricity consumer.

The objective of the Load Dispatch Center (LDC)

  • It provides system security
  • Islanding facility
  • Optimum use of resources
  • Load forecasting and demand estimation
  • Maintain power quality of power supply which is transmitted through the regional grid.
  • Regulating the system frequency
  • Help to quickly restore the system after any disturbances
  • Reliable operation of the transmission system
  • Matching the power generation to the power demand
  • Communication and SCADA management
  • Responsible for carrying out the real-time operation of the grid with the same as the grid standard and the grid code.
  • Analysis of tripping and disturbances
  • Ensures the stability of the power system
  • Supervision and control over the inter-regional links
  • Safety of equipment
  • Outage planning and monitoring
  • Load shedding implementation
  • Reactive power management and voltage control
  • Monitor bilateral power supply agreement

If we consider the Indian power system network, there is one National Load Dispatch Center (NLDC) and five Regional Load Dispatch Center (RLDC).

1) National Load Dispatch Center (NLDC)

2) Regional Load Dispatch Center (RLDC)
– Northern Regional Load Dispatch Center (NRLDC)
– Southern Regional Load Dispatch Center (SRLDC)
– Western Regional Load Dispatch Center (WRLDC)
– Eastern Regional Load Dispatch Center (ERLDC)
– North-Eastern Regional Load Dispatch Center (NWRLDC)

3) State Load Dispatch Center (SLDC)

4) Area Load Dispatch Center (ALDC)

5) Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

How Load Dispatch Center (LDC) works?

There is one National Load Dispatch Center. That place in the capital of India and that is Delhi. The NLDC is the main LDC and monitors all five RLDC.

These RLDC works under the observation of the NLDC. The NRLDC placed in Delhi, SRLDC is placed in Bangalore, WRLDC is placed in Mumbai, ERLDC is placed in Kolkata and NWRLDC is placed in Shillong.

The SLDC (state load dispatch centers) placed in all states of the country. The SLDC works under the observation of the RLDC.

The ALDC works under the observation of the SLDC and RTU work under the observation of the ALDC. This is the hierarchy of the LDC.

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