Power Electronics MCQ #1 Power Diode

Power diode MCQ

Power Electronics MCQ #1 to #10

Basic structure, Operating principle, I-V characteristic and application of power diode is explained. In this article, Power diode MCQ are given.

1) The V-I Characteristics of the diode lie in the
2) A diode is said to be forward biased when the
3) In an AC-DC converter, a diode might be used as a
4) Which of the following diodes uses a metal-semiconductor junction?
5) A Schottky diode has __________
6) A diode is said to be reversed biased when the
7) Which of the following are/is the majority charge carriers in a Schottky diode?
8) Zener diodes allow a current to flow in the reverse direction, when the
9) The break down voltage of diode is depends on width of
10) The power diode consists of _____ layers.
Power Electronics MCQ #1 Power Diode
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Power Diode

Power Diode: Construction, Operating Principle and IV Characteristic

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