Power Electronics MCQ #10

Power electronics mcq #10

Power Electronics MCQ #10 (#101 to #110)

Power Electronics MCQ #10

101) A semiconductor is formed by ________ bonds.
102) A semiconductor has ________ temperature coefficient of resistance.
103) The most commonly used semiconductor is ________.
104) When a pentavalent impurity is added to a pure semiconductor, it becomes ________.
105) A crystal diode has ________ PN junctions.
106) A crystal diode is used as ________.
107) An ideal diode is one which behaves as a perfect ________ when forward biased.
108) A Zener diode utilizes ________ characteristic for its operation.
109) A Zener diode is destroyed if it ________.
110) A series resistance is connected in the Zener circuit to ________.
Power Electronics MCQ #10
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