Power Electronics MCQ #13

Power Electronics MCQ #13

Power Electronics MCQ #13 (#131 to #140)

Power Electronics MCQ #13

131) Turn-on time of SCR in series with RL circuit can be reduced by
132) Specification sheet for a SCR gives its maximum RMS on-state current as 35 A. This RMS eating for a conduction angle of 120 degree would be
133) The uncontrolled electronic switch employed in power-electronic converter is
134) In a dual converter, the circulating current
135) Which semiconductor power device out of the following is not a current triggered device?
136) The TRIAC can be used only in
137) Which of the following does not cause permanent damage of SCR?
138) In a thyristor DC chopper, which type of communication results in best performance?
139) In a three-phase controlled bridge rectifier with an increase of overlap angle, the output DC voltage
140) A single-phase diode bridge rectifier supplies a highly inductive load. The load current can be assumed to be ripple free. The AC supply side current waveform will be
Power Electronics MCQ #13
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