Power Electronics MCQ #14

Power Electronics MCQ #14

Power Electronics MCQ #14 (#141 to #150)

Power Electronics MCQ #14

141) In a SCR,
142) In a SCR,
143) The frequency of ripple in the output voltage of a three-phase half-controlled bridge rectifier depends on the
144) There are only silicon controlled rectifier and not germanium controlled because
145) In a single-phase full wave SCR circuit with R, L load
146) Once SCR starts conducting forward current, its gate losses control over anode circuit
147) The speed and torque of an induction motor can be varied by which method?
148) In resonant pulse inverter,
149) The efficiency of a chopper can be expected in the range of
150) Which of the following regulator provides output voltage polarity reversal without a transformer?
Power Electronics MCQ #14
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