Power Electronics MCQ #17

Power Electronics MCQ #17

Power Electronics MCQ #17 (#171 to #180)

Power Electronics MCQ #17

171) The on – state voltage drop of IGBT consists of drip across__________?
172) In dual converters ___________?
173) Which statement is true for bidirectional operation of converters a _________ combination of controllable switch and _______ is used.
174) In rectifiers, load current flow is _________?
175) Very large values of modulation index (greater than 3.24) lead to _________?
176) Any electrical signal present in a circuit other than the desired signal is known as ________?
177) _________ harmonic is not present in single phase VSI.
178) A capacitive load in voltage source inverters generates __________ current spikes and can be ________.
179) The main objective of static power converters is to obtain ____________?
180) The control method used for PWM DC-DC converter is ____________?
Power Electronics MCQ #17
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