Power Electronics MCQ #18

Power Electronics MCQ #18

Power Electronics MCQ #18 (#181 to #190)

Power Electronics MCQ #18

181) A semiconductor device which acts like a diode and two transistors is
182) In class A and class B commutation, the resonating circuit has to be
183) The latching current of an SCR is 18mA. Its holding current will be
184) A thyristor has a maximum allowable junction temperature of 120°C and the ambient temperature is 40°C. Find the maximum allowable internal power dissipation if the thermal resistance is 1.6° C/W,
185) In a step-down chopper using pulse width modulation, Ton = 3x10-3 sec. and Toff = 1x10-3 sec. The chopping frequency is
186) The output power of the cascaded amplifier/attenuator system can be determined using
187) The third harmonic can be eliminated if the pulse signal width is equal to _________ in single pulse modulation of PWM inverter.
188) UJT is known as
189) An advantage of using a freewheeling diode with a bridge-type ac/dc converter is
190) In buck-boost converter what is the maximum value of the switch utilization factor?
Power Electronics MCQ #18
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