Power Electronics MCQ #2 IGBT

Power Electronics MCQ

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor is known as IGBT. The IGBT is a combination of two power electronics devices that is MOSFET and BJTMOSFET has high-speed switching characteristic and BJT has characteristic of low ON-state resistance. The IGBT combines both of this characteristic. That’s why it is widely used power electronics switch in all fields. In this article, IGBT MCQ is given.

Power Electronics MCQ #2 IGBT (1 to 10)

11) IGBT & BJT both posses _______
12) The three terminals of the IGBT are
13) The controlling parameter in IGBT is the
14) The static V-I curve of an IGBT is plotted with
15) In an IGBT, during the turn-on time
16) The voltage blocking capability of the IGBT is determined by the
17) The major drawback of the first generation IGBTs was that, they had
18) In IGBT, the n– layer above the p+ layer is called as the
19) The approximate equivalent circuit of an IGBT consists of
20) Choose the correct statement IGBTs have
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Power Electronics MCQ #2 IGBT (11 to 20)

21) Latch-up occurs in an IGBT when
22) The main advantage of IGBT over SCR in power electronics is
23) The delay time of an IGBT is defined as the time for the collector – emitter voltage to fall from VCE to
24) Which one of the following statements regarding IGBT is NOT true?
25) The structure of the IGBT is a
26) An IGBT is also know as
27) The body of an IGBT consists of a
28) In IGBT, the p+ layer connected to the collector terminal is called as the
29) Choose the correct statement
30) To detect an over - current fault condition, the most reliable method is to connect a
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